Quality Assurance,
Failure Analysis,
Material Engineering

►  Professional consulting related to the Design, Testing, FA and QA of components, systems and materials.

Feasibility Study 


Mapping the relevent market, products and technologies


► Project Initiation:

    • Project innovative end to end "story"

    • Buildup the project main subject and objectives

    • Project value chain formation

    • Relevant partners in the value chain 

► Identification of related risks and opportunities

eBusiness and 
Analysis Services


►  C.G design and manage a tailor-made business opportunity, innovative solutions and systems in the following arena:

Information and Communication Technology (ICT),

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS),

Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart City.

Initiating Partnership

► Initiating a new consortium based on:

  •Information regarding on-going and planned projects

  •Inspection of coordination possibilities

► Contacting relevant partners

► Enter an emerging consortium preserving best position

► Building work packages according to partners’ roles


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